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Serving the community since 1950

Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services is a private, not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to provide fire and safety protection and emergency medical services to the town of Charlotte.

In 1950, the community organized and incorporated Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services as a community volunteer organization with the mission of helping preserve and protect the town of Charlotte and neighboring citizens during times of crisis. According to town reports, in 1998 the town selectboard, in cooperation with Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services, funded two paid emergency medical technicians to help ensure stable medical coverage by trained staff and began billing for patient transports. In 2011, Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services obtained its paramedic license in order to continue to serve the community at the level requested by taxpayers and the selectboard.

COVID-19 stopped all of us in our tracks. However, that is not a luxury Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services had during the pandemic. Our fire and rescue employees and volunteers have not had the privilege of working remotely. In fact, our ambulance staff day after day leave their families to come to the station to serve Charlotte households and our neighboring communities if and when needed. During this time period, volunteers and paid employees have continued to answer the tones and continue to serve the community throughout the pandemic. Be it fire alarms, car accidents, heart attacks, respiratory distress or ice water rescue, if you call 911 with a problem, we will respond.

As the board of directors, we have listened and learned much over the last two years and have already begun to look at ways of improving communications with the community as well as the selectboard. It is truly our calling, as well as our privilege, to serve you and your families during these challenging times to the best of our ability.

Please vote to support Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services on Article 4.

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