Charlotte Fire - Members


CVFRS is always looking for new faces.  We welcome individuals to come to our station for tours, find out more about the organization, complete and submit an application. If you ever wondered about or had any interest in giving back to your community or fire fighting we encourage you to stop by or call.  You are also welcome to come to our regularly scheduled trainings at the Charlotte Fire & Rescue Station every Wednesday at 6:30 pm. 


Please review our current roster list below and see who of your neighbors are active members.

Officers - Volunteers

Dick St. George, Chief

Chris Davis, Battalion Chief - Emergency Management

Devin St. George, Battalion Chief - Fire

Jon Davis, Captain

Zach Trono, Lieutenant

Trevor Denton, Lieutenant


Chris Davis, Special Funds Treasurer

Ryan Donnelly, Special Funds Treasurer

Paid Staff

Rob Mullin, Deputy Chief / AEMT


Cook, Mike

Cosinuke, Tom

Curtis, Ray

Dober, Colton 

Donnelly, Ryan

Gates, Tom

Hwang, Tim 

King, Brody

Mesierow, Kip (S)

Paquette, Jordan

Snow, John (S)

St. George, Derrick (P)

Tegatz, Fritz (Engineer)

Trus, Declan 


Knoth, Evan (Cadet)

Segal, Lake (Cadet)

Segal, River (Cadet)

(P) Probationary

(S) Special Member