Charlotte Rescue - Members

Charlotte Volunteer Rescue Services is an outstanding group of volunteer and paid staff.  We are always looking for new faces and past members to assist us with our goal of providing emergency medical care, medical transportation and education to the community.  We welcome individuals to come to our station for tours, complete and submit an application. If you ever wondered about or had any interest in emergency medical care or driving an ambulance, we encourage you to stop by or call.  You are also welcome to come to our regularly scheduled training at the Charlotte Fire & Rescue Station on the first Monday of each month at 7pm. - Due to COVID-19 training has been suspended.

Please review our current roster list below and see who of your neighbors are active members.

Charlotte Rescue Officers

Dick St. George                          Chief

Rob Mullin, AEMT                    Deputy Chief

Caitlin Herr, Medic                   Training Officer

Ryan Donnelly EMR                 Lieutenant

Volunteer Rescue Service Active Members

Jim Faulkner, EMT

Meg Gilbertson, EMT

David McNally, EMT

Ashwin Sooriyakumar, EMT

Probationary and Prospective Members

None currently

Paid Rescue Staff:


Caitlin Herr - Full Time Lead Paramedic

Marie Buchine

Dave Cohen

Marc Hachey

Alex Knakal 


Alexandra Alvarez

Arron Barney

Michael Barnum

Jared Bomba

Dan Dieringer

Caitlin Douglass 

Nate Dow

Collin Fiske

Christopher Guido

Emily Haworth

Meaghan Hughes

Tim Hwang

Laensa Iteffa

Michael Kelleher 

Adam Kingsley

Nick LeBeau 

Jacob Leopold

Mikaela Natale

Courtney Newman

Will Robinson

Cherie Schrader


Doireann Chesbrough


Ryan Donnelly - Lieutenant

Certified CPR Instructors: 

John Snow, EMR

Jon Davis

Chris Davis