Charlotte Rescue - Members

Charlotte Volunteer Rescue Services has a two-person crew at the station 24/7/365. Our full-time EMS staff is supplemented with per diems and volunteers to provide around the clock year-round coverage or 17,472 shift hours annually. 


We are always looking for new faces and former volunteer members to assist us with our goal of providing emergency medical care, medical transportation, and education to the community.  


If you ever wondered about or had any interest in emergency medical care or driving an ambulance, we encourage you to stop by for a tour or call, complete and submit an application, and click here to check out upcoming courses.  

Please review our current roster list below and see who of your neighbors are active members.

Charlotte Rescue Officers

Dick St. George                          Chief - Head of Service

Caitlin Herr, Paramedic           Battalion Chief - EMS

Eric Sargent, FF/AEMT           Captain

Ryan Donnelly EMR                 Lieutenant

Certified CPR Instructors 

John Snow, CPR Site Coordinator

Jon Davis

Chris Davis

Full-Time  Staff

Della Grotta, AEMT

Donnelly, EMR / FF

Herr, Paramedic

Parent, AEMT / FF-I

Sargent, AEMT / FF-II

Per Diem Staff - 21


1 EMT Driver, 3 EMT Attendants