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KNOX Home Box
Peace of mind knowing first responders and fire personnel can access your home in an emergency.  Click on the link for more information.

E911 Address Signs

Being able to find your house is important for us to be able to provide Emergency Services. Even with fancy GPS systems nothing is better than being able to see a well marked house or driveway. We are responding at all different times and weather conditions which can make address locating difficult. Here are a few guidelines to make sure your address is well marked:

  • The address sign should be placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property. 

  • The address sign should be visible from both directions. Sometimes we are coming from another call and will not be approaching as you would expect.

  • The address sign numbers should be at least four inches tall and reflective

  • The address sign should be mounted securely at least a few feet off the ground to prevent it from being lost in a snow bank.

  • Split driveways and multi-unit buildings should utilize letters and arrows. 

We recommend E-9-1-1 address signs be 14 gauge aluminum covered in green, high intensity prismatic sheathing on both sides. The four inch tall numbers are reflective and are mounted with a template to ensure even spacing. Typical signs are 6"x12" or 6"x18" depending on the length of your address and the mounting options.


Order your custom made reflective 9-1-1 sign directly from one of the vendors below and have it delivered to your door. 


My Parking Sign - click here
Safety Signs - click here 

Smart Sign - click here

Need help installing?
We are happy to assist! Please contact the station to coordinate a site visit.
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