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Specialize Training - Why it is important

It is not uncommon, with Lake Champlain on our western border and Mt Philo State Park drawing daily visitors and tourists, and Route 7 dissecting the Town, for the staff and volunteers of Charlotte Fire and Rescue to be toned out for a water, ice, or high-angle rescue.

The following Letter to the Editor was published recently in The Charlotte News - June 30, 2022 Edition:

Thanks for Mt. Philo people-power rescue

To the Editor:

I am so thankful for the rescue teams from Charlotte, Shelburne and Ferrisburgh and the Mt. Philo Park ranger for getting me safely off Devil’s Chair Trail on Mt. Philo after injuring my ankle June 13.

The responders were very professional but also sensitive, and from the moment they arrived I had extreme confidence in their assessment and management of the situation. We are very lucky to have such dedicated and skilled rescue personnel in our towns.

I do want to make one correction to the article in reference to “mutual aid manpower;” make that “mutual aid man and women power.” Two of the 18 rescuers were women!

Francine Cohen Burlington

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