CVFRS Memorandum of Agreement with Town of Charlotte

The MOA is a legal document that originated in 2014 which codifies the relationship between the Town and Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services, Inc. The MOA addresses the budget, appropriation, level of service, capital expenditures, financial management, communication. and termination clause.

CVFRS meets with the Selectboard on a quarterly basis to review the operating budget - revenue and expenses in the form of a profit and loss statement which become part of the public record. CVFRS annually engages the services of a certified public accountant to audit its financial statements.

CVFRS holds monthly board meetings to review performance against budget and address other governance issues. The Selectboard Liaison, a voting member of the CVFRS Board, participates in these meetings. This cooperative relationship ensures transparency and a healthy working environment between CVFRS and the Town.

Find the latest version on the Town website - click here

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