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How do I make a donation?  Charlotte Fire & Rescue is a 501(c)3 organiztion and relies on donations to supplement our operating budget to purchase items that offer a wider range of services for your community. Unless otherwise requested, donations over $250 will be acknowledged with a receipt for your tax records.  Donations may be earmarked or left to the discretion of the corporate board.  Mail donatations to: Charlotte Fire & Rescue Services, Inc., PO Box 85, Charlotte, VT 05445





Why volunteer?  Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services rely on volunteers to provide emergency response on a professional level in our community.  The fire department's composition consists of one full-time assistant chief with the majority of rescue staffing consisting of highly trained paid staff supplemented with volunteers.


What is the role of a volunteer?  Most volunteers serve as either firefighters or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).  In addition, a range of people and skills are needed in the following capacities: firefighters, EMTs, driving vehicles or providing administrative support within the departments.


Where do volunteers come from?  Most of our volunteers are residents of Charlotte, some former residents of Charlotte and some members of nearby communities also serve as volunteer members of CVFRS.


What skills or experience do I need to become a volunteer?  No specific skills or experience are reqiured to apply to become a volunteer. Both the rescue squad and the fire department will work with volunteers to help them obtain the training necessary for them to assume the role of  professional responsibilties with the services.  All volunteers must submit to a background check.


Are volunteers compensated?  Each service offers a modest incentive program paid annually to volunteers based on their fullfilment of duties and training expectations.


Does it cost anything to become a volunteer?  The contribution of your time is highly valued and you are not expteced to pay for this effort. Protective clothing, uniforms and equipment is provided by the departments, as well as ongoing training.


Are there any age limits to becoming a volunteer?  While there are no age restrictions, volunteers for the fire department may join the cadet program as young as 14 years old. After attaining the age of 18, volunteers in good standing may become full members of the Fire Department.  Volunteers for the Rescue Squad must be 18 to gain EMT certification. Drivers must be 21 with a clean driving record.


Are there any size or strength requirements?  Although the work can be physically demanding, there are no set size and strength requirements.  However, all volunteers will be required to have a physical exam clearing them for the types of duties they will be performing.


What is the committment to become a volunteer?   The details of the expected commitment vary by the service (fire or rescue) and roles you plan to perform.  Both services have a six month probationary period before volunteers are considered for full membership.


Fire Department volunteer members are expected to regularly attend meetings and trainings which are generally held weekly on Wednesday evenings. Additional technical trainings are optional but highly encouraged.  Once adequately trained, fire volunteers will be issued a pager and be exptected to respond whenever possible to fire calls.


Rescue Squad volunteers are expected to attend monthly business and training meetings which are held on the third Tuesday of each month. The general rescue squad committment is five 12-hour shifts per month.




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